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Morenova is the next-generation trans-vaginal large-area shockwave therapy (LISWT) system designed to enhance and restore proper functioning for women of every age.

Treatment Applications

Morenova harnesses the power of low-intensity shockwaves to generate new tissue growth, enhance blood flow, and improve overall vaginal form and performance for a variety of women’s health issues.  

Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)

Morenova supports the vagina’s natural ability to heal itself by generating new tissue growth, enhancing blood flow, and improving overall vaginal form and performance. Women who suffer from symptoms such as poor lubrication, itching, burning, or lack of sensation due to decreased estrogen levels or other factors experience notable results after several painless and risk-free treatment sessions.

FSD is treated by applying focused acoustic energy to the labia minora, labia majora, and clitoris during a session that lasts approximately 20 minutes. A small-sized linear transducer is used for these applications with patients seated on a gynecology chair. A standard treatment encompasses six sessions over the course of three weeks.

Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI)

By applying energy to the area adjacent to the urethra, Morenova strengthens the tissue and muscles around the urethral sphincter to regenerate vascular capabilities, cells, and collagen to improve urinary incontinence symptoms. This targeted approach is a comprehensive treatment option that contributes to the overall health of the pelvic floor and urinary function.

SUI is treated by applying focused acoustic energy to tissue surrounding the urethral sphincter. For this, a trans-vaginal transducer is used – allowing easy application in a minimally invasive approach. A standard protocol includes 8 treatment sessions over the course of 4 weeks.


Morenova stimulates tissue regeneration, improves blood flow, and reduces inflammation for women who experience unexplained pain in the vulva. It helps improve nerve function and reduces muscle tension in the pelvic floor, which can contribute to vulvar pain. With minimal discomfort and no downtime, Morenova is an attractive option for women seeking alternatives to traditional treatments.

Advanced Solution for Female Health and Wellness

Packed as a tabletop, compact, and lightweight device, Morenova regenerates vaginal vascular activity by using acoustic pressure waves, which carry low-intensity energy to tissues, augmenting the body’s natural cellular repair mechanism.

What sets Morenova apart is its array of transducers, varying in size and shape, which surpass the precision of typical, uniform transducers. This assortment is specifically designed to facilitate precise vaginal and rectal applications, enhancing the adaptability and effectiveness of treatments.

Morenova addresses female health and wellness concerns, including those stemming from aging, childbirth, or oncological conditions, offering safe, pain-free treatments without the need for invasive surgery.

Proven Success and Risk-Free

Morenova is the only device on the market specifically designed for vulvovaginal health. In clinical trials, menopausal women reported relief of symptoms immediately after initial treatment sessions with Morenova and even greater improvement by the end of the treatment course. Morenova is simple and safe, with no pain or unpleasant side effects. In fact, we are proud of our 100% safety record and our optimal patient satisfaction.

Uncompromising Safety

Low- to zero-risk, no heating, no ablation, no side effects

Optimal comfort

Outpatient setting, quick and painless, no anesthesia

Demonstrated effectiveness

Relief from the very first treatment with greater improvement by the end of therapy

Unique technology

Trans-vaginal ‘large-area’ LISWT, larger surface area in less time, optimal tissue coverage

The Science Behind LISWT

Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of LIST at inducing angiogenesis (i.e., the formation of new blood vessels), generating new tissue growth, and significantly improving hemodynamics.

Clinical Results

Clinical Compendium
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2022 WHII
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2021 ICS

What Doctors Are Saying

Dr. Ioannis Zoumpos
    Dr. Ioannis Zoumpos


    “Having suffered through painful intercourse and other sexual dysfunction symptoms related to menopause, my patients were seeking ways to alleviate their symptoms. The prevalence of these conditions is quite high. With the increasing demand for quick-fix solutions, multiple treatment options have become available for indications of functional and esthetic vaginal problems. Morenova is a novel energy-based procedure, with reproducible results that are consistent with the studies supporting the science behind it. This powerful form of energy can trigger the growth of new blood vessels (neovascularization) in the vaginal area on a cellular level, and in turn, restore women’s sexual vitality. Our Morenova patients report substantial pain relief and improved sexual function, following the first treatment sessions. It can be an excellent alternative for patients who wish to avoid surgery or medication, as neither promotes such regenerative and durable responses. Patients note a significant improvement in their sensation and sexual satisfaction, also from their partners. Patients of mine suffering also from urinary incontinence have reported substantial improvement.”

    Dr. Wagner Raiter, MD
      Dr. Wagner Raiter, MD


      "Clínica Priapus has been pioneering the use of Renova LSWT for erectile dysfunction treatment since 2015, observing remarkable improvements in erectile function and providing a non-invasive option for Peyronie's disease management prior to surgery. We take pride in being the first clinic in Brazil to contribute to the development of a similar machine aimed at addressing menopausal symptoms in women. In a groundbreaking protocol, we selected around 10 women suffering from Stress Urinary Incontinence and Climacteric Symptoms, unable to use hormone therapy, to undergo shockwave therapy. The outcomes were truly remarkable. Almost all participants experienced a reduction in dryness or minimal leakage, significantly improving their quality of life and postponing the need for surgery. Additionally, women experiencing vaginal dryness reported enhanced lubrication and overall sexual satisfaction. Surprisingly, many participants also noted improvements in intestinal function, with some reporting a shift from infrequent to daily bowel movements and softer stool consistency. Although not the primary focus of our study, these findings suggest potential applications for treating Large Bowel Dysfunctions and Overactive Bladder. The vascular pelvic floor improvements brought about by the therapy contribute to the overall balance and function of pelvic organs."

      Dr. Olga Majaj
        Dr. Olga Majaj


        “We are very pleased with the Morenova results. Not only is the procedure fast and effective, but it also is very safe and simple, with no downtime and no complications. This shockwave treatment comes with considerable research showing proven clinical results. Dedicated to addressing the root causes of urethral sphincter weakening and vasculogenic sexual dysfunction concerns, Morenova can restore the natural health and function of lower pelvic conditions. As a physician, I am very pleased with the ease of operability of this particular device. Once its ‘hands-free’ articulated arm is locked in place, the nurse is free to perform other tasks and the privacy of my patients is guaranteed.”

        Dr. Laszlo Kornya
          Dr. Laszlo Kornya


          “Many of my peri- and post-menopause patients approach my practice due to vaginal laxity, urinary incontinence and esthetic concerns and dissatisfaction with vulvovaginal appearance. While surgery can be a good solution for severe laxity, it doesn’t always help with sexual function and in some cases can even cause loss of sensation and pain during intercourse. I was looking for a non-surgical treatment that would spare my patients the risks, costs, long healing times and scarring associated with surgery. Fortunately, Morenova has given me the ability to treat common feminine health conditions quickly, safely and effectively without relying on surgical procedures. Treatment with Morenova is well tolerated and my patients are very happy with their results. They are reporting a substantial difference in tightness, urine leakage and other menopausal symptoms.”

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