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Morenova is a next-generation shockwave therapy system capable of incorporating focused shockwaves, linear shockwaves, and large-area shockwave technologies – all with the same platform device. These make it possible to provide optimal therapy for a wide range of sexual health conditions.

Treatment Applications

Morenova’s unique transducers allow for optimal organ coverage of therapeutic low intensity shockwaves – while enabling the only hands-free treatment available today. This enhances treatment comfort for both patient and healthcare provider.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Morenova has proven effective in treating men’s inability to achieve or maintain an erection with sufficient rigidity and duration to have sexual intercourse. By promoting neovascularization and improving blood flow, Morenova targets the root cause of erectile dysfunction without the need for drugs or surgery. It is a hands-free system and the only system on the market utilizing two transducers to apply shockwaves to both sides of the shaft. Treatment consists of non-invasive low-intensity sound waves that pass through the erectile tissue, restoring natural erectile function and enabling spontaneous erections by the growth of new blood vessels, thereby addressing the underlying cause and not just the symptoms.

Two linear transducers are applied simultaneously to the left and right corpus enabling optimal coverage and allowing for a hands-free treatment. The standard protocol for treatment includes six sessions over the course of three weeks. Clinical data shows that the increased function lasts for at least 12 months, after which a repeated course of treatment is recommended.

Chronic Pelvic Pain (CPP)/Chronic Prostatitis (CP)

Morenova has proven to be effective in patients who experience ongoing pain in the pelvic area for at least three months due to an inflammation of the prostate gland. Typically non-responsive to antibiotics, CPP/CP can affect sexual function and the ability to urinate. Morenova significantly improves the symptoms of CPP and CP by using shockwaves to stimulate specific nerves in the painful area, temporarily blocking the signals that transmit pain. In addition, the shockwaves promote the growth of new blood vessels in the damaged tissue and relax and loosen tight muscles, which can also contribute to pain relief.

A 30 mm circumference transducer is positioned on the perineum in order to apply the required acoustic energy to the entire profile of the prostate to address the pain. The standard protocol includes six treatment sessions over the course of three weeks.

Peyronie’s Disease (PD)

Morenova helps to reduce the curvature and pain associated with PD by softening and breaking up the plaque and scar tissue inside the penis. Morenova promotes tissue regeneration, initiates a healing process within the cells, and improves blood flow to the area while reducing common symptoms such as erection problems, shortening of the penis, and pain due to the disease.

A single focused transducer is used in order to apply the required acoustic energy to the region of the scar tissue causing the curvature. A treatment protocol includes six treatment sessions. Additional sessions may be recommended according to the severity of the condition.

Advanced Solution for Male Health and Wellness

Packed as a compact and lightweight tabletop device, Morenova is the next-generation large area low-intensity shockwave therapy (LISWT) designed for applications on large segments of tissue and is the only device on the market that was specifically designed for restoring penile health. 

What sets Morenova apart is its linear transducer, which was specifically designed to allow treatment to be applied simultaneously to the entire length of the shaft to ensure evenly distributed treatment with greater precision. A dual-probe energy delivery system ensures improved tissue tissue coverage leading to better clinic outcomes. Once locked in place, there is no need to manually hold the penile shaft, and no applicator is required.

Supported by science, Morenova harnesses the power of linear and large-area LISWT to generate new tissue growth, enhance flood flow, and improve overall penile form and performance in a broad range of applications to enhance men’s health and sexual well-being.

Who Is a Candidate for Therapy with Morenova?

When it comes to sexual health and well-being, seeking early advice and help is important. Aside from the clinical benefits of prevention and treatment, as it is closely related to cardiovascular events – early diagnosis of vascular ED may be helpful to predict occurrence and improve prognosis of cardiovascular events.

Irrespective of age, Morenova may be a good treatment option for men who…

LISWT is particularly effective for men with mild to moderate vasculogenic ED, who…

What Doctors Are Saying

Dr. Emilio Italiano
    Dr. Emilio Italiano

    Urologist Andrologist Sexologist

    "I am delighted with the outcomes observed in my patients. To date, I have successfully treated over 120 individuals, typically administering six treatments (two per week), and in some cases, eight treatments for diabetic patients. The majority have experienced strong erections lasting 12 to 18 months, eliminating the need for erection pills. Remarkably, around 90% of my patients express satisfaction and request a new cycle after 18 to 24 months. "

    Dr Ivo Pineda
      Dr Ivo Pineda


      "I have been using MoreNova for almost a year, and the results have been remarkable. My patients have consistently improved their erections and expressed satisfaction with the outcome. Personally, I find the device incredibly easy to use. I appreciate that you can set it and it goes through the protocol seamlessly, requiring minimal intervention."

      Proven Success and Risk-Free

      Morenova has been proven to be effective in over 80% of men who complete the course of treatment. It is simple and safe, and there are no unpleasant side effects. In fact, we are proud of our 100% safety record and our optimal patient satisfaction.

      Uncompromising Safety

      Low- to zero-risk, no heating, no ablation, no side effects

      Convenient & Private

      Outpatient setting, done in a seated position with no preparation required

      Optimal comfort

      Quick and painless with no need for anesthesia


      Men experience noticeable results after the first few sessions

      The Science Behind LISWT

      Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of LISWT at inducing angiogenesis (i.e., the formation of new blood vessels), generating new tissue growth, and significantly improving hemodynamics.

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