Morenova System Models

Explore the diverse range of Morenova systems, each uniquely designed to meet specific needs and preferences across various healthcare settings. From compact tabletop units to advanced high-volume systems, Morenova offers versatility and innovation in shockwave therapy.

Whether you are operating a medical center or clinic or providing at-home care, there is a Morenova version tailored to your requirements. With advanced features and flexible options, Morenova ensures efficient and effective shockwave therapy for improved patient outcomes.

Morenova Tabletop

Ideal for medical centers that prefer smaller-sized units or require easy mobilization among different treatment rooms or locations. This Morenova version includes maximum treatment capabilities despite its small size and can be equipped with the entire range of therapy transducers – for women’s health, men’s health, vascular disease, orthopedic pain, and esthetics. The different transducers were designed for different target organs and medical applications and are preset with the appropriate treatment protocol.

Morenova Pro

Offering an advanced user interface and automatic water circulation, the Pro version is designed for high treatment-volume centers, providing efficiency and convenience.

Morenova High Energy

This Morenova model was developed to enable deep penetration of therapeutic shockwaves for indications such as Chronic Kidney Disease and Peripheral Arterial Disease. Despite the distance of the targeted tissue from the energy source, this model maintains the novel Large Area technique – with a simultaneous application of the required shockwave energy to large bodies of tissue.

Morenova Home

Coming soon: A miniature-sized unit intended for patients to use in the comfort of their own homes.

Check Morenova Availability in Your Area

Reach out to inquire about the availability of Morenova systems in your region. Our dedicated team will assist you in selecting the most suitable version for your specific needs and requirements.