About Us

We innovate and introduce new and exciting shockwave technologies

Who We Are

With over four decades of experience in international healthcare and therapeutic devices, DirexGroup stands at the forefront of innovation in medical technology. Our journey began with the development of one of the first lithotripters in the world in the early 80s, followed by the first linear shockwave therapy system and the pioneering of low-energy shockwaves on large tissue segments. Today, we offer a diverse range of products spanning various treatment fields.

Breakthrough Innovations

Our range of products addresses numerous treatment fields, from women’s and men’s health to vascular and musculoskeletal diseases, contributing significantly to the med-tech domain. 

These include:

Our Values

Diversity in Treatment Platforms

Addressing multiple therapeutic fields and approaches with a single-device platform.

Working with Clinics & Physicians

Understanding specific needs and co-developing optimal treatment techniques.

Innovative Technology Solutions

Introducing new concepts, improved applications, and diverse therapy fields.

What We Offer

Innovative Technology

Our pioneering approach ensures safe and risk-free treatments. We've developed the first linear shockwave therapy system, utilizing low-energy shockwaves on large tissue segments.

Collaborative Partnerships

We foster collaborative partnerships with medical centers, healthcare providers, and industry leaders to drive innovation, exchange knowledge, and advance the field of healthcare together.

Diverse Treatment Fields

Our range of products addresses seven different treatment fields, including women’s health, men’s health, vascular disease, kidney disease, alopecia areata, aesthetics, and musculoskeletal system diseases.

Safe & Cost-Effective Solutions

Our technological treatments are not only safe but also cost-effective and pain-free, ensuring optimal patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Our Global Presence

DirexGroup operates across multiple sites worldwide, ensuring accessibility and support for medical professionals globally.

We welcome you to contact us.
For general or commercial related inquiries – info@direxgroup.com
For technical support related issues – support@direxgroup.com

USA: usa@direxgroup.com
Europe: europe@direxgroup.com
China: direx@163.com
Middle East: me@direxgroup.com

Direx Japan K.K.
North Yotsybashi Bldg. 8F 1-24-8  
Shinmachi Nishi-Ku, Osaka city
T:  06-6585-7274
F: 06-6585-7275
E: contact@direxjp.co.jp

Direx Systems Ltd.
Indian Branch
T-2, Third Floor
Q-104, 3rd Ave
Anna Nagar, Chennai 600 040
T: + 91-44-426-12703/4
E: direx@direxindia.com

Initia Ltd.
10 Nevatim St.
Petah Tikva
E: info@initiamed.com

Direx Korea Co., Ltd.
Leader’s Tower Bldg. 5F, 13, Dogok-ro 7-gil
Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea 06254
T: 82-2-565-4793
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E: bk1231@direxkorea.com

Direx de Mexico
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Col. Villa de Cortes
Del. Benito Juarez
03530, Mexico, CDMX
T: +52 (55) 5965 1023
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Direx Do Brasil Ltda.
Rua Alegra, 437 – B. Barcelona
Sao Caetano do Sul, Sao Paulo
Cep 09530 41 Brazil
T: +55 11 4223 5070
F: +55 11 4223 5090
E: direx@direxdobrasil.com.br

Direx Argentina
Alicia M. de Justo 1120, 3° Of. A 306
1107 Puerto Madero – Buenos Aires,
T: +54 (11) 5278 5964
F: +54 (11) 4032 0171
E: info@direx-argentina.com.ar

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