Revolutionizing Kidney Stone Treatment with Integrated Efficiency and Precision

Integra is an advanced shockwave lithotripsy system designed to revolutionize kidney stone treatment through innovative shockwave technology, precise imaging, and efficient architecture.

Treatment Applications

Morenova harnesses the power of low-intensity shockwaves to generate new tissue growth, enhance blood flow, and improve overall vaginal form and performance for a variety of women’s health issues.  

An Integrated Solution for Precision Treatment

Integra is a single unit, including a fluoroscopy system, treatment table, and shockwave unit, all in one. This architecture dramatically reduces coupling, set-up, and treatment time. The vertically positioned shockwave source makes patient positioning easy and quick and offers in-line fluoroscopy without the need to delay the treatment procedure (“On-line”).  Integra’s unique One View Localization method replaces the need to rotate the X-ray unit and allows for a concise design and footprint.  A user-friendly physician’s console enables complete control of the procedure as well as advanced image processing functions.

Integra represents the pinnacle of shockwave lithotripsy (SWL) technology, combining innovative shockwave delivery, advanced imaging capabilities, and a groundbreaking design to revolutionize kidney stone treatment. With Integra, fragmentation effectiveness is maximized while treatment times are minimized, offering unparalleled efficiency and patient outcomes.

The Next Generation of Precision Treatment

Integra sets a new standard in shockwave lithotripsy, empowering healthcare professionals with advanced technology for superior patient care and outcomes. Experience the future of kidney stone treatment with Integra.

Key Features

Vertical Shockwave Orientation

Integra delivers shock waves vertically through the patient's back, optimizing treatment efficiency and reducing energy dispersion. This approach minimizes energy loss, enhancing fragmentation effectiveness by shortening the path to the target stone.

Inline X-Ray Imaging

Integra's unique architecture allows in-line fluoroscopy imaging without treatment interruption. This real-time capability provides precise visualization of the shockwave pattern, improving target localization and treatment monitoring.

Ultrasound Imaging Module

Integra offers an optional ultrasound module for real-time treatment monitoring. Compatible with major ultrasound units, it provides an alternative imaging modality for comprehensive patient care.

One-View Localization System

Integra's innovative system enables precise target localization using vertical views at two horizontal positions. FDA-approved, it streamlines localization, eliminating the need for complex fluoroscopy adjustments.

TEM Technology

Integra's TEM technology ensures optimal energy generation, alerting operators to declining transducer efficiency. This maximizes treatment results and minimizes downtime.

Integrated Architecture

Integra integrates the shockwave source and fluoroscope into a single unit, simplifying setup and enhancing maneuverability. Its compact design is ideal for diverse clinical settings.

DICOM3 Integration

Integra seamlessly integrates with PACS systems via DICOM3, enabling easy storage, printing, and interchange of patient data and images.

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