Easing Musculoskeletal Pain

Morenova is a transportable Electromagnetic (EM) Linear Shockwave Therapy (LSWT) device that delivers acoustic waves to the desired treatment area to bring pain relief for a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).

Addressing the Source of the Pain

Musculoskeletal conditions are the leading contributor to disability worldwide. Back and neck disorders, arthritic conditions, and soft tissue syndromes involving the tendons, ligaments, muscles, and cartilage make up the bulk of musculoskeletal disorders.

Morenova reduces inflammation, dissolves calcifications, and generates new blood vessels in patients suffering from acute and chronic pain resulting from MSD.

Areas of Treatment and Treatment Protocol

Morenova treats bone pain, muscle pain, tendon and ligament pain, Fibromyalgia, joint pain, “Tunnel” syndromes, nerves, and discs.

The most common treatment areas include:

Effective treatment of pain typically includes four to eight sessions at two sessions per week. Each session lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Specially-Designed Transducers

What sets Morenova apart is its specially designed transducer, which covers large segments of tissue so broader areas of the body can be treated simultaneously.

The effects of shockwave therapy covering a larger area with a more uniform number of shocks administered lead to more successful tissue regeneration and significant alleviation of pain, improving functional outcomes in injured tissue.

Painless and Risk-Free

Morenova is simple and safe, with no pain or unpleasant side effects. In fact, we are proud of our 100% safety record and our optimal patient satisfaction.

Uncompromising Safety

Low- to zero-risk, no heating, no ablation, no side effects

Optimal Comfort

Short treatment protocol requires no anesthesia or sedation

Diverse Treatment Areas

Treatment of large areas simultaneously with different transducers – all hands-free

Proven Treatment

Shockwave therapy accelerates the body’s own healing process

The Science Behind LISWT

Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of LIST at inducing angiogenesis (i.e., the formation of new blood vessels), generating new tissue growth, and significantly improving hemodynamics.

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