Multiple Applications

MoreNova Mini is a more compact and lighter MoreNova, with the same performance.

Electromagnetic MoreNova is operable to deliver acoustic pressure pulses for various applications using a family of easily-replaceable applicators.

The hand-held or arm-mountable applicators utilize patented Large Area Shape Technology (LAST).

LAST-based applicators match the treated organ’s shape: energy is simultaneously delivered to whole regions.

Applicators are compatible with treating ED, DFU, VAG, ILS, cellulite, aches and pains and more.




Key features (most applications):

  • Comfortably Seated Patient
  • No need to stay at treated Patient’s side during treatment
  • Application-dependent number of short and painless sessions
  • Multiple (1-5) sessions per week


* ED, DFU and VAG are already treated in Europe and Japan.

* ED studies have been conducted in several USA institutions.

* Studies for other applications are welcome.


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DirexGroup has served the medical community for more than 35 years.

MoreNova is registered in USA for treating minor aches and pains.

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