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20 April 2020

DirexGroup registers MoreNova in the U.S.

DirexGroup announces MoreNova's registration in the U.S. as a Class I device for treating minor aches and pains. 

Healthcare provider's presence is not mandatory during patient treatment, which typically lasts about 20-30 minutes.

Treatment sessions are comfortable, simple and painless.

MoreNova, using patented Large Area Shockwaves Technology, offers compatible applicators to respective shapes of body parts.

Energy is simultaneously delivered to the entire treated area.

The registration follows European CE and other regulatory clearances for applications such as ED, DFU and PAD.


About DirexGroup:

DirexGroup specializes in providing innovative devices to the global healthcare markets.

Established over 35 years ago, DirexGroup initially focused on the field of urology and is now branching into new and exciting fields and applications emphasizing simple,  comfortable and convenient treatment.

DirexGroup's mission is oriented toward people's health and wellness.

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