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"It is our mission to be a substantial contributor to the international healthcare environment by offering cost effective and advanced clinical therapeutic devices to the medical field in all of the world's developed, as well as developing, countries."

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DirexGroup was established nearly 30 years ago and has continuously extended its presence in countries and markets worldwide. DirexGroup has put its emphasis on the field of urology and offers urologists and medical centers various solutions to their clinical needs.

DirexGroup's European headquarters are located in Wiesbaden, Germany with direct responsibility for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The Group's U.S. operations and FDA approved manufacturing facility is located in Canton, MA.

DirexGroup introduced in 1986 the Tripter X-1, the groundbreaking concept of a modular compact lithotripter emphasizing a small and mobile device. Direx's Tripter X-1 system eventually became the standard with all competitive devices adopting the ingenuity of the X-1 system architecture and concept.

DirexGroup introduced in 2003 the Duet shockwave lithotripter, the only such device that applies shockwaves from two sources, allowing for substantial reduction in kidney damage as well as reduced average treatment time.

In 2007 DirexGroup introduced the Integra lithotripter, signaling its entrance to the world of electromagnetic ESWL.  The Integra was complemented in 2009 with the Duet Magna, the world's first double sourced electromagnetic system.

In December 2012, DirexGroup inaugurated Renova, the first dedicated shockwave system for Erectile Dysfunction treatment.  Renova offers Linear Shockwave Therapy (LSWT) enabling generation of a 70 mm long treatment area as opposed to traditional focal points. Consequently, Renova offers full organ coverage and a shorter treatment protocol.


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