20 January 2021

Tech News: Shockwaves and PEMF

A description of Shockwaves and PEMF relationship is presented

  • Shockwave production involves energizing electro-hydraulic (EH), electro-magnetic (EM) or piezo-electric (PE) applicators by electrical pulses.
  • The process simultaneously produces a pair of propagating shockwaves & EM energies.
  • MoreNova's various patented Applicators (by Hikkonu), deposit the pair of energies in a target, such that both deposited energies match the target-shape.
  • EM waves’ intensity is in range of PEMF devices’.
  • Pain reduction, tissue regeneration, angiogenesis and more are treatable by Shockwaves and PEMF.
  • Several studies show treatment improvement by combining Shockwaves & PEMF compared to shockwaves alone.
  • A single device for energies’ simultaneous delivery is a subject of a pending patent.
  • Relative contributions of the energies in a given treatment, as well as energies ratio optimizations for specific indications are yet to be studied.

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