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"It is our mission to be a substantial contributor to the international healthcare environment by offering cost effective and advanced clinical therapeutic devices to the medical field in all of the world's developed, as well as developing, countries."

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A Business Development and Marketing Manager, who is a strong influencer and negotiator, self-motivated and have a proven track record of business development and marketing.

You will help to develop and deliver a comprehensive strategic and tactical plan for business development, income generation and awareness-raising for the company. You will also help to raise the company's media profile in Europe by defining and managing a new communication strategy.

You should be capable of radical thinking, developing and implementing new innovative strategies in a practical manner to ensure that change is delivered in a sustainable way. You should ideally have a degree in a business or marketing-related field, providing the relevant business, communication, strategic-thinking and entrepreneurial skills as well as sufficient background or understanding of issues relating to media, medical devices and managing an international operation.

Your employment history (at least 5 years) must include a successful portfolio of income-generating projects within the business-development field, and a demonstrated ability to work well in a multi-lingual environment.

You will report directly to the company's CEO and will work independently with support from a small team.


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