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Electromagnetic MoreNova is operable to deliver acoustic pressure pulses for various applications using a family of easily-replaceable applicators.

The hand-held or arm-mountable applicators utilize patented Large Area Shape Technology (LAST).

LAST-based applicators match the treated organ’s shape: energy is simultaneously delivered to whole regions. 

MoreNova is CE marked for Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Wound Healing (WH), Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), Peyronie's Disease (PD), Vulvodynia and Pain caused by MSD 

MoreNova is FDA registered for medical purposes such as minor aches and pains only.






Key features (most applications):

  • Comfortably Seated Patient
  • No need to stay at treated Patient’s side during treatment
  • Application-dependent number of short and painless sessions
  • Multiple (1-5) sessions per week


* ED and DFU  are already treated in Europe and Japan.

* Demos, pilots and studies are welcome.


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