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10 May 2018

Direx introduces TEMPRO in Indonesia

Jakarta, May 10, 2018 - Byung Ki Kim, managing director of Direx Korea, began a road show  this week to promote Direx' thermal therapy solution for prostatic conditions - The unique bipolar RF Tempro system.

Tempro is being introduced, in collaboration with Nan-Medika - Direx' distributing partner in Indonesia for Tempro, to leading medical centers in Jakarta. The tour's goal is to present the uniqueness, benefits and advantages of Tempro. The curriculum will focus on the most important "best practices" for private clinics, physicians and hospitals.

Direx' Tempro administers controlled heat to the prostatic tissue using a unique bipolar RF energy source. The product provides a personalized treatment for each patient according to his Prostatic Urethral Length (PUL). Utilizing a flexible catheter, the treatment does not require rectal cooling.

Tempro therapy is clinically proven for both BPH and Prostatitis. It's an in-office, simple, single-session procedure that is safe with minimal side effects. There is real time temperature monitoring through the entire treatment.

"I am extremely excited to introduce Tempro in Indonesia", Mr. Kim stated, "Roadshows are always a challenge, but also satisfying. I am happy to share our vast experience with Tempro from almost 50 medical centers in Korea".  Mr. Munadi Herlambang, CEO of Nan-Medika added: "Tempro provides a minimal invasive solution to BPH and Prostatitis. It offers an intuitive, simple to operate system and the initial response from our local urologists has been fantastic".


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DirexGroup was established over 35 years ago and has continuously extended its presence in countries and markets worldwide. DirexGroup has put its emphasis on the field of urology with a line of shockwave lithotripsy and therapy systems, as well as lasers and thermal therapy technologies for urology. Direx most recently is leading the field with its unique shockwave therapy solutions for treatment of erectile dysfunction and chronic wounds.

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