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Initial Experience with Tempro Treatment for BPH Patients in Italy

Maurizio Turriziani, Francesco Esta, A Cupini, A Cefaloni "Umberto I" Hospital Frosinone Italy
Maurizio Turriziani, Francesco Esta, A Cupini, A Cefaloni "Umberto I" Hospital Frosinone Italy 
24th World Congress of Endourology

Tempro treatment is a new method to treat BPH symptomatic patients. From November 2005 ,we started to treat 2 types of patients:

a)High Surgical Risk patients and b)patients with moderate to severe BPH symptoms.


The Tempro system uses a special Applicator based on a 16 FR Foley catheter,with ring electrodes which are connected to a Bipolar RF source. We have treated 30 patients with ages 69 to 95 years. Ten patients were High Surgical Risk (ASA IV) with indwelling catheter and 20 patients had moderate to severe BPH symptoms. Ultrasound was usedto evaluate the prostatic urethra length, residual volume and also to exclude Median Lobe patients. Uroflow test were performed pre and 2-3 month after treatment. Patients were treated at a target temperature of 55 Degrees C for 1 hour. Twenty eight patients tolerated well the treatment and 2 required pain killers during the treatment.


The patients with indwelling catheters were left with a catheter for 2-3 weeks. After catheter removal in 6 out of 10 ( 60%) the treatment was successful(urinating spontaneously). Four patients failed: 2 underwent TURP and 2 are with indwelling catheter.Regarding the 20 symptomatic patients , 14 (70%) had a average Qmax improvement of 55 % at 2-3 months. Two improved slightly and 4 remained unchanged.

Our initial results show that the Bipolar RF Tempro treatment seems to be a very advantageous treatment for indwelling catheter patients as well as for BPH symptomatic patients.

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