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The latest write up on shockwave therapy for ED, is found in Folha de Sao Paulo,  which has the biggest circulation among the largest Brazilian newspapers and is regarded as one of the most influential daily news vehicles in Brazil*.

Direx Argentina (DA), a member of DirexGroup, has reached its 10-year anniversary as a leading provider of innovative devices in the field of urology.

Low Intensity shockwaves technique was presented in Oviedo in the auditorium of the College of Physicians of Asturias by a group of specialists where Renova's Linear technology was introduced. Increasingly, experts claim that erection problems, caused by the lack of supply of blood to the penis, "can be a red flag for cardiovascular disease, stroke or worse".

Dr. Otani, et al, of Chubu Rousai HP of Nagoya, Japan, presented his abstract at the 103rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Urological Association which took place April 18-21, 2015 in Kanazawa, Japan.

Prof Puppo and Dr. Casarico, from Italy, will be presenting their

A recent study published in Archivos Españoles de Urologia, validates marked results of effectiveness and safety of LIESWT on patients with ED who have failed to respond to PDE5i treatment. Drs. Bechara, Casabe, De Bonis and Nazar from Buenos Aires Argentina , conclude that over 50% reacted positively to the treatment restoring patient's PDE5i response.

Gulf World Traders introduces Renova, Low Intensity Shockwave Technology for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, creating a surge of immediate interest in the Gulf region.

The annual Congress of the International Society of Sexual Medicine ( ISSM), has combined forces this year with the Latin American Sexual Medicine Society ( SLAMS) offering an intense and focused program on new clinical applications

Direx GmbH held another general Middle-East product training session to support its ongoing activities in the region.

A product launch and seminar featuring the Renova LSWT, was organized by Surabaya Surgery Hospital (RS Bedah Surabaya) with the support of our local representative PT Kurongkor Utama.  The event was held at Surabaya Plaza Hotel on August 23rd and was received with high interest by local media and attendees of the region.
The prestigious Prof. Dr. Sunaryo Hardjowijoto and Dr. Ahmad Anies Shahab's presentations explained, and brought to light, the modern solutions for ED treatment and the advantages of Renova LSWT innovative technology. Treatment with Renova recently became available for patients in the ultra modern hospital RS Bedah Surabaya.
Renova treatments are also available in Yogyakarta at AN NUR Urology Surgery Hospital (RS Khusus Bedah AN NUR) where the esteemed Prof. Dr. Danarto has reported successful treatments; as well as in Jakarta by Dr. Nouval Shahab at Ultimo Men's Clinic. 


About DirexGroup:
DirexGroup and Initia have created an alliance that specializes in introducing innovative high-technology devices for urologists in all worldwide markets. DirexGroup, established over 27 years ago, has continuously extended its worldwide presence in numerous countries and markets. DirexGroup has put its emphasis on the field of urology and offers urologists and medical centers various equipment and service solutions to their clinical and economic needs. Our products are characterized by reliability, modularity and transportability combined with cost effectiveness and ease of use. A worldwide network of committed service centers assure competent support and maintenance. Contact DirexGroup at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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