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22 October 2009

Two papers presented at WCE in Munich, Germany

The first UK paper on the use of Double Shock Wave Lithotripsy was presented at the World Congress of Endourology from October 6-10 in Germany.  Dual Electro Hydraulic Lithotripsy safety and efficacy was further reinforced by updated clinical data submitted by Darrent Valley Hospital, Dartford UK. The Dartford NHS hospital replaced its mobile service for a permanent lithotripter, in accordance with their commitment “to providing high quality medical and nursing care, making every effort to ensure that our patients receive the very best treatment, attention and care.”
Initial treatments were with an Electro hydraulic version of Dual Shockwave Lithotripsy and in the last six months treatment was administered by Magna, the newest Electromagnetic Dual Shockwave Lithotripter by DirexGroup.

A second paper was presented by Dr CH. Beck and Dr. A. Beck on Tempro BiPolar Radio Frequency for Chronic Prostatitis.   This is  a new application of  Tempro  Bipolar Radio  Frequency technology  to tackle a very complex medical  condition which leads to poor quality of life. Their supportive conclusion is “Considering that Chronic Prostatitis is a challenging illness, these initial results, with an overall success rate of 43% are very encouraging”.  Following this initial success, additional Tempro centers have started to offer this innovative treatment for their patients.  

About DirexGroup:
DirexGroup and Initia have created an alliance that specializes in introducing innovative high-technology treatment devices for urologists in all worldwide markets. DirexGroup, established over 20 years ago, has continuously extended its worldwide presence in numerous countries and markets. DirexGroup has put its emphasis on the field of urology and offers urologists and medical centers various equipment and services solutions to their clinical and economic needs. Our products are characterized by reliability, modularity, and transportability combined with cost effectiveness and ease of use. Worldwide network of committed service centers assure adequate support and maintenance.

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The first UK abstract on the use of Double Shock Wave Lithotripsy was presented at WCE

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