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15 March 2010

Seminar, in Germany, introduces new prostatitis treament

Urologists from Europe gathered together in Dortmund, Germany to participate in a seminar operating the Tempro thermotherapy system for chonic prostatitis treatment.  The seminar included frontal presentations and discussions held by various urologists with thermal therapy experience.
The  participating physicians were then invited to partake in  several clinical treatment sessions emphasizing the ease and simplicity of  the  Tempro device 's application.  The session provided the  participants a relevant platform for sharing their own knowledge  from various European environments  and experience with CPPS and thermal application.  The seminar was summarized successfully and more such events are in the planning stage in various European and worldwide locations.


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Urologists from Europe gathered together in Dortmund, Germany to participate in a seminar operating the Tempro thermotherapy system for chonic prostatitis treatment.

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