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15 June 2015

Renova for ED treatment, as presented in a seminar in Oviedo, may avert heart attacks and strokes

Low Intensity shockwaves technique was presented in Oviedo in the auditorium of the College of Physicians of Asturias by a group of specialists where Renova's Linear technology was introduced. Increasingly, experts claim that erection problems, caused by the lack of supply of blood to the penis, "can be a red flag for cardiovascular disease, stroke or worse".

This was raised by several specialists who participated in the Conference focusing on this topic, which took place at the College of Physicians, in Oviedo. Luis Castellanos, director of the meeting and urologist -andrologist of the Medical Center, indicated that the difficulty to attain full erection "can be a warning of heart problems or major stroke". In fact, many doctors already define it as a 'Sentinel symptom" of other coronary disorders. The discussion ensued related to the association of erectile dysfunction to cardiovascular disease. "Viagra, the blue pill that revolutionized the treatment of erection problems, is giving way to alternative therapies. The shock waves (by Renova) are presented as a new option. It's a technique that manages to regenerate blood and thus vessels, increase the input of blood to the penis and allow a full erection. The treatment is ambulatory "and painless" and requires four-sessions (once a week)" says Dr. Antonio Morales, head of Instituto de Urologia y Andrologia Malaga (IUAM). Published articles can be found in the La Nueva Espana newspaper and El Comercio Paper

At RTP, Spain's national broadcasting channel, Dr. Castellanos explains as follows: "The latest innovation is the stimulation of the penis with Shock Waves, same as they are used for rehabilitation and cardiovasculat treatment, to generate new blood vessels. The positive effects begin one month after treatment. Its advantage is that treatment is absolutely painless. The patients who may improve are those that respond to the drugs (Viagra, Cialis, etc), and one can assume that with this treatment they may reduce or even eliminate the use of the drug, which is about 70% of all ED patients. ED is not an "uncommon" disease. It appears frequently in diabetic patients , patients with heart conditions and obese patients" As there is a solution for ED patients, doctors recommend not ignoring it as it can lead to ailments of worse prognosis. The broadcast can be viewed here

From left to right: Antonio Martín Morales, of the Hospital of Carlos Haya of Málaga; Jose Luis Martín Benito, Manuel Rivas del Fresno, Alejandro Braña, President of the College of physicians; Erasmo Miguelez, President of the Asturian society of Urology, and Luis Castellanos, director of the day

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