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15 July 2020

MoreNova-19 Large Area Shockwave Technology (LAST) to Treat Corona Patients

The world is united in its efforts to fight Covid-19 pandemic; impressive resources have been globally dedicated to this subject. MoreNova-19 development was inspired by recognizing potential contribution to lungs improvement by shockwaves and, in particular, by Large Area Shockwaves Technology.

Shockwaves have been shown to activate stem cells and modulate inflammation, fight infections and viruses and mechanically stimulate tissue as well as dislodge and dilute mucus.

Patented LAST matches shapes of acoustic waves' apertures to various organ geometries thus increasing efficient energy delivery. Acoustic pulses may incorporate large energy densities range: from very low density up to ESWL shockwaves.
Following Linear Shockwaves applicator - initially introduced for Erectile Dysfunction treatment - additional LAST-based applicators are now available, incorporating apertures compatible with organs' geometries related also to DFU, PAD, Vaginal, Pain, Cellulite and other conditions.

A new LAST-based applicator joins MoreNova's applicators arsenal.  The new-comer's aperture is compatible with delivery of acoustic energy to lungs - between ribs - simultaneously.

In an effort to fight the pandemic, MoreNova-19 - protected by LAST patent - is available for clinical and/or commercial collaborations with qualified parties.


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