21 February 2021

Micro Device offers Low Intensity SW Therapy suitable for Home and Mobile Treatment

An exclusive and limited offer is presently being offered to clinics interested in offering follow-up Home use and/or Mobile treatment.
Demo proposal is for a three month period and incorporates minimum 10 patient treatments, of 10 short sessions in 5 days, and follow-up p/p.

Multiple Applicators for Multiple Applications
Micro is the latest MoreNova model, offering patented Large Area Shockwave Technology for treating medical and cosmetic conditions.

A small, light and powerful Energizer (console, <3 kg) offers operational simplicity which benefits also Home and Mobile treatments.
Treatment is short and painless with an emphasis on comfortable and convenient treatment.

Locking applicator-to-organ ensures complete coverage of treatment area, eliminates manual holding of applicator/organ and frees operator for other tasks during treatment. Various Applicators' sizes match shapes of treated organ.  Several applicators may be used for one indication, while one applicator may be used for several indications.

MoreNova is CE certified and FDA registered as a Class I device.
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