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Two Renova studies incorporated in Prof Tom Lue’s (UCSF) Meta Analysis of Low Intensity Shockwaves for ED patients.

Zhihua vLu a , b , vGuiting Lin a , Amanda Reed-Maldonado a , Chunxi Wang b , Yung-Chin Lee c , Tom F. Lue a
Prof Tom Lue reviewed and analyzed 14 clinical studies concluding that LISW is beneficial in treating patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. Two of these studies  were written by Drs. Bechara and Casabe (Argentina) and Dr. Pelayo Nieto (Mexico) using the Renova device with Linear Shockwave Therapy. This conclusion, emphasizes and strengthens the concept that Linear Shockwave is an effective technology in treating ED. 

This Meta Analysis was published in European Urology 2016. The published material can be found here

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