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The Effect of Treatment of Non Bacterial Chronic Prostatitis with TURF on Sexual Disorders: A Pilot Study

Presented at ESSM congress, 2010

Non bacterial chronic prostatitis (CP) and chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS) are terms which are used in the literature simultaneously.  Both have an adverse effect on the quality of life and are also associated with the appearance of sexual disorders (SD).  Transurethral microwave therapy of the prostate is used as treatment for patients with CP.  Transurethral radio frequency thermotherapy (TURF) uses radio waves to heat the prostate as opposed to microwave heating.
In this pilot study, we looked at the effect of TURF on CP/CPPS and sexual disorders in patients suffering from CP/CPPS.

Design and Methods:
Nine patients with a mean age of 43 years (31-64 years), who suffered from CP and not reactive to conventional medical therapy, underwent a TURF with InitiaRF (Tempro).  7 of these 9 men had an SD in the course of CP and prior to the treatment. Evaluation of treatment took place 3 months after treatment.

Seven of the 9 patients (78%) showed improvement of their pain symptoms after treatment.  Pain analogue score scale changed frm 8 to 4 after treatment (p=0.04).  The IPSS score improved from 14 to 8 after treatment (NS). Of the 7 patients with SC, 6 suffered from loss of desire before treatment and only 1 had it after treatment (p=0.03).  Erectile dysfunction of some degree was apparent in 4 patients before and in only 2 after the treatment (NS).  Painful ejaculation was a complaint of 5 patients before and only in 2 after treatment (NS).  Premature ejaculation was a complaint of 2 patients and did not change after treatment.

TURF is a possible treatment modality for CP, but more and larger studies, and with longer follow up, are needed to establish a conclusion.  By treating CP/CPPS with thermal therapy of the prostate, some sexual disorders showed improvement. There  was no change in the case of premature ejaculation.


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