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Tempro Bipolar RF Treatment for BPH: A Non-Surgical Approach

Yakov Mirkin, Alexander Karapetyan, Sergey Shumoff, Vladimir Tsirulnikoff, Eugene Simonenko.


Introduction and Objectives
TURP has remained the "gold standard" of surgical treatment for BPH. However, patients and doctors are seeking for alternative, less invasive outpatient procedures.
The purpose of BPH treatment is to alleviate the symptoms, together with reducing the prostate's size.
Nowadays, TUNA, microwave and RF treatment are used for outpatient treatment of BPH.
We decided to use Tempro Bipolar RF Therapy, and estimated the efficacy of this method.

Materials and Methods
45 men between the ages of 53-77 years participated in the study. The average prostate volume was 54cm3 (31.8-85.15). Average Qmax was 8.6 ml/sec (3.8-13.1), average Qav was 4.3 (1.3-8.1), average PVR was 59ml (0-210ml).
Every patient filled IPSS questionnaires, however, we didn't include those in the protocol, because all of them were subjective and discrepant.

All patients underwent a 1 hour.treatment with Tempro, with temperatures between 48-55°C.
The follow-up period was 6 months from treatment.

Prostate volume (cm3): before- 54.0; 6 months after- 42.67 (27.6-73.7)
Qmax (ml/s): before- 8.6; after- 13.75
Qav: before- 4.3; after- 6.87
PVR (ml): before- 59.0; after- 25.11

The main complication was AUR, released with catheterisation of 24-72 hours.

Prostate volume reduced- 21%
Qmax increased- 60%
Qav increased- 60%
PVR reduced- 57%
These results are the evidence for the efficacy of Tempro Bipolar RF therapy for BPH.
This method is a good and viable alternative for patients who are contrindicated for TURP or are unwilling to have surgery.

Source of funding

  • location: URO-PRO Clinics, Russia

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