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Initial Clinical Experience of Linear Focused, Low Intensity Shockwave for Treatment of ED Patients with Different Severity Symptoms

N. Cruz, A. Morales



The aim of this clinical experience was to assess the feasibility of the application of Linear Focused Low Intensity Shockwaves (Renova Direx Group) as an alternative or complementary treatment for Vascular ED patients with different degrees of symptom severity.


Material and methods

The treatment was offered in a routine natural way in 2 medical centers: 46 patients in Malaga (series A), and 35 in Sevilla (Series B). The treatment was composed of 4 weekly sessions, in which shockwaves were applied into 4 areas: right and left crura, and right and left corpus cavernosum, with 900 shockwaves in each site (Total 14400). No need for anesthesia, sedation or painkillers and each session's treatment time was 20 minutes. The evaluation was done using the IIEF-EF, SEP and GAQ questionnaires, at baseline visit, 1 month and 3 months post treatment.



The average IIEF-EF increased significantly from 19.94 and 14.03 at baseline to 23.92 and 18.53 at 3 months post treatment. A number of patients stopped using PDE5-i; 30.77% and 23.53% respectively. SEP 2 increased from 88.89% and 43.48% to 100% and 66.67%. The SEP 3 increased from 38.89% and 27.59% to 78.75% and 57.89%.

At baseline, the use of PDE5-i for sexual intercourses was needed by 77.78% and 85.19% of patients, and was reduced to 53.85% and 35.29% at 3 months post treatment. No side effects were recorded.



The results of both series at 3 months show a consistent and global improvement in IIEF-EF, SEP 2 and SEP 3 parameters. Since the baseline symptoms severity of patients in series B was much higher compared to series A, the end results obtained in series B are consistently lower compared to series A.

This would imply that the outcome of the treatment is related to the baseline symptoms severity, meaning that in average, patients with more severe ED symptoms will improve, but will not reach the final level of improvement that can be obtained by mild to moderate patients. In our experience the Linear-Focused Low Intensity Shockwave treatment is a valid alternative or complement to current available treatments.



The above paper abstract was presented at the 16th World Meeting on Sexual Medicine, on October 11th 2014, Sao-Paulo, Brazil.

  • location: Clinica Andromedi Sevilla, Instituto de Urología Málaga

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